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Welcome from Head of SchoolThomasNann

If you decide to join the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MAPS) as a student, you will have the opportunity to obtain various degrees in mathematics, statistics, and physics (and combinations thereof) through our Bachelors of Mathematics (BMath) and Science (BSc). These degrees are sought-after qualifications that open up exciting career opportunities in industries including Finance, Defence, Manufacturing, Research, Education, Government & Policy, and many more.

You might also be interested in staying for longer and joining one of our postgraduate programmes (or join one of these programmes from elsewhere). In addition to Masters and PhDs in Mathematics, Physics and Statistics, we also offer a Master of Data Science, and Graduate Certificates in Data Science, Data Analytics and Integrated STEMM. These flexible, online programmes use real-world applications and methods and equip graduates to thrive in growing employment areas. All postgraduate studies will take you on an exciting journey and give you the opportunity to develop important skills such as leadership, problem solving, communication, project management, teamwork, and more. A postgraduate degree further builds on crucial professional skills, while at the same time intensifying your specific discipline knowledge.

The University of Newcastle (UON) is on an ongoing upward trajectory: since 2014, when UON was ranked #298 in the International QS rankings, the university climbed up to #214 in 2019. The School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MAPS) is one of UON’s strongest contributors towards the university’s international success and recognition. In the recent Excellence in Research in Australia (ERA) rankings, MAPS’s Fields of Research ‘Applied Mathematics’, ‘Statistics’, ‘Physical Sciences’, ‘Astronomical and Space Sciences’, and ‘Medical Physics’ were all ranked ‘Well above world standard’ (5). All other Fields of Research at the school were “only” ranked ‘Above world standard’ (4).

The mission of the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences is to provide a modern, relevant, and comprehensive learning experience; to undertake excellent and impactful research; and to engage with the community and industry in a way that benefits society.

We are looking forward to getting to know you!

Professor Thomas Nann
Head of School
School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
University of Newcastle