Science in Practice: Developing our World

On Saturday 17 August The Faculty of Science celebrated National Science Week with Science In Practice: Developing Our World.

The day was a great success with over 350 attendees. Activities included:

Mini Electric Vehicle Workshop - The community chose from various parts to construct their own mini electric vehicle and then raced the vehicles around a track.

Hands-on interactive science activities - Earthquake machines, cup stacking, balance boards, hovering magnets, electrostatic generators, mind over matter, liquid nitrogen icy poles and various SMART activities.

Presentations on practical research - University academics presented 4 minute snap shots of their practical research.

Electric and eclectic - Emeritus Professor Tim Roberts (Environmental Science)

Paint-on energy - Dr Matthew Griffith (Physics)

Designing for data - Associate Professor Peter Howley - (Statistics)

Microbial beasts, yeasts and ancient reefs - Professor Brett Neilan (Biological Sciences)

Horses for courses - Emeritus Professor Tim Roberts (Environmental Science)

Do you see me? - Professor Kristen Pammer (Psychology)

Wildlife restoration - Associate Professor Matt Hayward (Environmental Science)

Quantum mechanics and nanomaterials - Associate Professor Vicki Keast (Physics)

People parts and androgen production - Professor Lee Smith, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Science (Biological Sciences)

Data Science, Integrated STEM and Scholarships - Associate Professor Peter Howley

NBN attended the day and interviewed Associate Professor Peter Howley, Assistant Dean of Community Outreach. The interview can be watched in full here.