National Schools Poster Competition

The National Schools Poster Competition, supported by The University of Newcastle, is an annual competition encouraging primary and secondary school students to develop, implement and creatively report upon an investigation on a topic of interest to them.

Students must produce a poster communicating their investigation and results addressing a practical research question in any field of study. A key challenge is presenting the necessary detail onto just one A1-sized page, whilst keeping it visually appealing and succinct… not necessarily as easy as it sounds!

The competition is open to Grades 3-12, in five divisions from Stages 2-6, and is a wonderful opportunity to encourage team work, critical thinking and creativity, and also increase awareness of the value and need of data. The activity also maps closely with Math, Science, STEM and other syllabus outcomes.

It's FREE to enter and there are awesome PRIZES up for grabs so get your school involved!

Submissions due 10 November annually.

How it works 

2016 Competition

2014 Competition


Dr Peter Howley

School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences/Statistics

T: +61 2 4921 5518