School Staff

The listing below summarises the key staff within the School of Nursing and Midwifery across the Newcastle (Callaghan), Central Coast (Ourimbah) and Port Macquarie campuses. To view the contact details for all staff within the school please click here.

School Executive and Support Staff

Professor Alison Hutton
Acting Head of School and Deputy Head of School (International)
Associate Professor Kerry Inder
Deputy Head of School (Research)
Dr Amanda Wilson
Deputy Head of School (Undergraduate)
Associate Professor Jed Duff
Deputy Head of School (Postgraduate)
Pam Zorn
School Executive Officer

Program Convenors

Mr Peter Sinclair
Bachelor of Nursing
Dr Margaret Harris
Bachelor of Nursing (Honours)
Bachelor of Midwifery (Honours)
Dr Eileen Dowse
Bachelor of Midwifery
Dr Lyndall Mollart
Master of Midwifery Studies
Associate Professor Jed Duff
Master of Nursing
Dr Melissa Robinson-Reilly
Master of Nurse Practitioner
Dr Graeme Browne
Master of Mental Health Nursing

Associate Professor Sarah Jeong
Master of Nursing
Master of Nursing (Applied Management)
Graduate Certificate in Clinical Nursing

Site Co-ordinators

Dr Graeme Browne
Port Macquarie

Clinical Education

Ms Elizabeth Yeomans
Acting Director of Clinical Education
Dr Lyn Bowen
Assistant Director of Clinical Education (Port Macquarie)

Student Liason and Support Officers

Associate Professor Peter O'Mara
Indigenous Officer
Professor Michael Hazelton
Disability Officer

Dr Donovan Jones and
Dr Michelle Guilhermino
Student Academic Conduct Officers (SACO)