New opportunities and emerging technologies

New opportunities

The School of Nursing and Midwifery offers a unique opportunity for you to become a registered nurse or midwife with the highest level of qualification and extensive professional experience. We provide an environment which allows you to identify future domestic and international opportunities and establish new friendships.

New Technologies

Within our programs you will find a strong emphasis on emerging healthcare technologies balanced against the development of essential helping and caring skills that have always been at the heart of nursing and midwifery.

Our academic and professional staff will help you in all your endeavours.

National and global skills

As well as their discipline-based content and professional expertise, our nursing and midwifery degrees place an emphasis on honesty and integrity in all health care settings. Our students are enabled to act effectively and ethically in decision-making and problem-solving work both autonomously and collaboratively.

Our nursing and midwifery graduates are employed as health professionals across local, national and global communities. They respond effectively to change and seek continuous improvement in their practice.

Encouraging potential

The development of your knowledge and skills begins as soon as you commence studying nursing or midwifery. In conjunction with the University, we offer programs that can assist you with academic writing, chemistry and mathematics. We also provide student mentors and ongoing academic skills support to help you reach your potential.