The Discipline of Medicine relies upon the expertise of physicians, medical specialists who generally work in hospitals and clinics. Physicians work with a variety of health professionals caring for patients who have acute or chronic illness, requiring expertise in a range of subspecialty areas. Some of these subspecialties include; Cardiology, Clinical Haematology, Clinical Immunology, Clinical Pharmacology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, General Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Neurology, Respiratory Medicine.

The Discipline of Medicine works in both teaching and research across a range of schools throughout the University of Newcastle.

In the JMP, the Discipline of Medicine works closely with all the subspecialty areas in medicine, as well as the other disciplines. The academic base is at the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, with liaison throughout the Hunter New England Local Health District. Students are supported during the JMP in assessing, and managing common and important disease presentations. Medicine is built on knowledge of physiology and pharmacology, with skills in communication, physical examination and procedures.

Many of the JMP graduates go on to become Physicians.