The Academy of Clinical Educators (ACE) was launched in 2017 to recognise the important contribution of the clinical educators who engage with the Joint Medical Program (JMP). ACE aims to promote high quality medical education across clinical services, to promote scholarship and innovation in clinical education and to support the career development of clinical teachers. While focused on undergraduate education in the JMP, the aim is to build a network and community of practice that encompasses clinical education in undergraduate, pre-vocational and vocational training and continuing professional development.

Meet the ACE Team

Professor Brian Kelly, ACE Director
Head of School, School of Medicine and Public Health
Dean of Medicine, Joint Medical Program

Professor Kichu Nair, ACE Clinical Lead
Professor of Medicine and Deputy Dean (Clinical Education), School of Medicine and Public Health
Director, Centre for Medical Professional Development, HNELHD
Adjunct Professor, University of New England

ACE Administrative Support
P: 02 4042 0550 | E:


Applications now open, please complete a membership application form to apply.

Membership of the ACE is based on application and open to those engaged in medical education and who contribute to the JMP across participating Health Districts and General Practices at both UON and UNE. In addition, participation in UON's Certificate in Clinical Teaching and Supervision will qualify participants for membership of ACE.

Membership will provide access to:


ACE Teaching Excellence Awards

The Academy is delighted to announce the launch of its Teaching Excellence Awards. These provide an important opportunity to recognise the achievements among our clinical educators (whatever their level of experience) and particularly highlight examples of innovation in clinical teaching or an opportunity to acknowledge an outstanding commitment by a clinical teacher to medical education. We encourage all ACE members to nominate someone they believe is deserving of such recognition. Self-nomination is also accepted. The 2017 Teaching Excellence Awards have been awarded. Nominations for the next round of Teaching Excellence Awards will open later in 2018.

Academy of Clinical Educators Teaching Excellence Awards Nomination Form


Key to ACE’s aims of promoting high quality medical education across clinical services, and promoting scholarship in clinical education, is the sharing of resources. ACE is therefore committed to making as much content as possible available online, in order to ensure that these resources are accessible to all of our clinical educators. This content can be found on the ACE Resources page.