Research Fast Facts and Recent Opportunities

Fast Facts

1. Did you know? Research Resources

The School of Health Sciences has a number of Research Resources available. These resources are a result of the research workshop series conducted by Professor Clare Collins, Director of Research - School of Health Sciences and can be found here.

2. Did you know? Engagement & Impact Toolkit

The EI Toolkit has been created to provide researchers, faculties, schools, centres and groups with a range of information and resources about research engagement and impact. University Staff can access the Engagement & Impact Toolkit here.

Recent Opportunities

Grant Opportunity 1: HCRA Event Sponsorship Grant – Round One May to December 2019

HCRA have established the Event Sponsorship Grant to support events, seminars, workshops and conferences that have the primary purpose to train researchers or provide an avenue to share knowledge and collaborate in scientific cancer research.

Event Sponsorship Grants of up to a maximum of $1500 per application are available to HCRA members.