Recent Research Achievements in the School include:

2012 NSW Rural Allied Health Postgraduate Scholarship

Oral Health ConsultationAngela Masoe Oral Health Program Coordinator for Health Promotion/Development - Southern NSW and Murrumbidgee Local Health Districts was the recipient of a $10,000 2012 New South Wales (NSW) Rural Allied Health Scholarship Program Awards.

Seed Research Grant Centre for Oral Health Strategy, NSW Health

Janet Wallace has been awarded a $20,000 SEED Research Grant from the Centre for Oral Health Strategy, NSW Health.  The grant is to produce a DVD to support her PhD research entitled "A service-learning model of oral health promotion in the residential aged care environment for dental hugiene students: A cluster randomised controlled trial".

Professors Awarded for Occupational Health and Safety Research

OT AchievementsTwo researchers from the School of Health Sciences have been internationally recognised by the World Safety Organization (WSO) for their contributions and dedication in making safety a way of life. Professor Derek Smith was recently awarded the WSO Glenn E. Hudson Award, with Conjoint Professor Peter Leggat being awarded the WSO J. Peter Cunliffe Transportation Award.

PhD Student awarded best poster at the 9th Annual Scientific Meeting of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy

Yolanda Surjan, an academic and PhD student in Medical Radiation Science, was awarded first prize and $500 for the best poster at the 9th Annual Scientific Meeting of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy held at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre. Yolanda submitted a poster entitled "Current Use of Brachytherapy Treatment of Peri- Ocular Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Horses: Results of an Australian Survey" from her PhD studies on "Brachytherapy in Periocular Equine Squamous Cell Carcinoma" Yolanda is supervised by Associate Professor Helen Warren-Forward.