Being a Professional

BEING A PROFESSIONAL: Writing Learning Objectives, Reflecting & Personal Developmentbeing a professional 8:47
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General Documents:
Example (PDF, 233KB)

Practice Placement Initial Contact Prompt Sheet for Students and Practice Eds (PDF, 224KB)

Guidance on Student Self Reflection (PDF, 308KB)

Practice Placement Orientation Checklist (PDF, 452KB)

Professional Behaviour 360 degree Appraisal (PDF, 182)

Professional Behaviour Self Evaluation Tool (PDF, 173KB)

Student Supervision Questionnaire (PDF, 171)

Worksheet - Student Reflection (PDF, 313 KB)

Clinical Placement and Privacy (PDF, 78KB)

How Do I Write Placement Objectives - Suggestion Sheet (PDF, 38KB)
NSW Code of Conduct (PDF, 122KB)

Occupational Therapy Board - Codes and Guidelines - Code of Conduct (PDF, 413KB)

Occupational Therapy Board - Guidelines - Mandatory Notifications (PDF, 391KB)

Holistic Evidences Examples:
Practice Placement Viva Presentation - Emerging Consolidating Level a (PPT, 3MB)

Practice Placement Viva Presentation - Emerging Consolidating Level b (PPT, 7MB)

Examples at emerging level -
Reflection 1 (PDF, 208KB)
Reflection 2 (PDF, 151KB)
Reflection 3 (PDF, 141KB)
Reflection 4 (PDF, 281KB)