The University of Newcastle, Australia

Molecular Oncology


Senior Lecturer Nikki Verrills

Senior Lecturer Nikki Verrills

Lecturer Matt Dun

Lecturer Matt Dun

Research Assistants

Richard Kahl, Hayley Flanagan

PhD Students

Heather Murray, David Skerrett-Bryne, Abdul Mannan, Dr Jon Sillar, Nikita Panicker


The Molecular Oncology Group is part of The University of Newcastle’s Priority Research Centre for Cancer Research, Innovation and Translation, The Hunter Medical Research Institute Cancer Research Program and The Hunter Cancer Research Alliance.

The group also collaborate closely with the Human Genetics Department, KU Leuven and the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Southern Denmark.

The research focuses on the molecular basis of cancer development, progression and chemotherapy resistance through the development of sophisticated in vitro and in vivo cancer model systems and world leading technologies.

The research program utilises both targeted (targeting tumour suppressor proteins, cellular metabolism and DNA damage) and non-targeted (unbiased comparative and quantitative proteomics) approaches.

The group employ high resolution techniques to complement these approaches such as multiplexed targeted proteomics (parallel reaction monitoring (PRM)), targeted next generation sequencing (NGS), and drug development pipelines incorporating advanced proteogenomic technologies.

In 2015 Dr Matt Dun was elected to the board of directors of the Australian Society for Medical Research, where he now sits as the National Media Director.