Cancer Cell Biology


Senior Lecturer Kathryn Skelding

A/Prof Kathryn Skelding

Research Students

Lachlan Schofield, Cheenie Nieva, Chrissy Miller



The Cancer Cell Biology Group is part of the University of Newcastle’s Priority Research Centre for Cancer Research, Innovation and Translation, The Hunter Medical Research Institute Cancer Research Program and The Hunter Cancer Research Alliance.

The research primarily focuses on unravelling the mechanisms underpinning cancer cell proliferation, survival, and metastasis, with a view to developing new anti-cancer therapies that target these mechanisms that are less toxic than existing treatments.

In recent years, the group has identified several novel targets and therapeutic inhibitors that are effective in a range of cancer types, including acute myeloid leukaemia and childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, brain and breast cancers.

In addition to the group’s drug discovery interests, they use a variety of proteomic and molecular techniques to identify novel biomarkers that can be used for the improved treatment of leukaemias, brain, and breast cancers, so that a more personalised approach for cancer treatment can be developed.