The University of Newcastle, Australia

Pregnancy and Women’s Health Research Group


Kirsty Pringle

ARC Future Fellow Kirsty Pringle

Research Fellow

Yu Wang

Research Assistant

Celine Corbisier de Meaultsart

PhD Students

Mohammed Riazuddin

Sarah Delforce


The laboratory’s research examines the role of the intrauterine, circulating and intrarenal renin angiotensin systems (RASs) in pregnancy and female reproductive health, which have been implicated in pregnancy complications such as preterm birth and preeclampsia as well as in disease states such as endometrial cancer, diabetes, kidney disease and hypertension.

The group is led by Dr Kirsty Pringle in partnership with Emeritus Scientia Professor Eugenie Lumbers.

Current areas of research interest include:

  • The use of markers of the circulating and intrarenal RAS to identify Indigenous women with underlying kidney disease and who are potentially at risk of preeclampsia
  • MicroRNAs that regulate the placental renin angiotensin system and how these impact placental angiogenesis and pregnancy outcome;
  • Investigation of the role of the prorenin receptor in placentation
  • Novel actions of Angiotensin II in the circulation of the preterm neonate and implications for clinical management of preterm cardiovascular compromise; and
  • The role of the endometrial RAS in endometrial cancer and endometriosis and the potential that RAS blocking drugs could be used to treat these diseases.
  • Novel biomarkers for detection of endometrial cancer