Faculty of Health and Medicine

Centres and Groups

Our School is one of the University of Newcastle's most research-intensive schools, currently being ranked in the top three in terms of external research funding.

Our researchers work on topics as diverse as cancer cell biology; the genetic basis of human diseases; the immunological basis of asthma; the neurobiological basis of affective, addiction, sensory and neurodegenerative disorders; improved treatments for stroke and cardiovascular disease; pharmacoeconomics; pharmacy practice; drug development; the development of anti-inflammatory nutraceuticals; and exercise physiology.

Research in our school is loosely clustered around 4 main areas:

  • molecular biology
  • neuroscience
  • pharmacy & pharmacology
  • immunology & microbiology

Within these main research clusters we have school specific research groups. We are also linked to the Hunter Medical Research Institute and our school's researchers are key members of various research centres and groups some of which are listed below.