Gladys M Brawn Fellowship

Gladys and Harold BrawnHistory

The Gladys M Brawn Fellowship Scheme was established by Leslie Harold Brawn and, at his request, the scheme began when he passed away in 1995. Mr Brawn wanted the then Faculty of Medicine to establish strong research leadership that would enable the University to expand medical research and provide a permanent memory of his late wife Gladys. Mr Brawn began donating his possessions and money to the University in 1985. At the time of his death his donations were worth $5 million.

The Gladys M Brawn Senior Research Fellowship

Launched in 1995, the key aim of the Brawn Fellowship was to attract outstanding career scientists with international reputations to Newcastle, and to retain them. It was the first fellowship scheme in Australia to actively recruit fellows and, partly due to this Fellowship scheme, the University of Newcastle's Faculty of Health and Medicine is now a national and international leader in health research. Senior Brawn Fellows must have, or be expected to secure, a renewable, externally funded research fellowship. Senior Brawn Fellows will receive an appropriate academic status in the Faculty, a negotiable establishment grant up to the value of $500,000, an annual grant-in-aid of $35,000 which can be used for a range of purposes including salary support, and a safety net for up to two years, should their external salary support fail to be renewed.

Applications for Senior Brawn Fellowships are open all year round.

Current Senior Brawn Fellows


Fellowship Period

Research Area

Prof Dirk van Helden

1998 - Present

Cellular Rhythmicity, often referred to as pacemaking, in various smooth muscles (e.g. lymphatic, gastrointestinal, uterine), heart and the brain

Prof Amanda Baker

2009 - Present

Psychological treatments of comorbidity with a focus on drug and alcohol problems

Prof Xu Zhang

2011 - Present

Human Melanoma

Prof Michael Nilsson

2010 – Present

Astrocyte functions in brain plasticity and repair after stroke

Prof Kypros Kypri

2013 - Present

Reducing the burden of disease due to hazardous alcohol consumption

Prof Geoff Isbister 2014 - present Improving Health Outcomes in Drug Overdose and Envenoming
Prof Phil Hansbro 2015 - present Development of new therapies for respiratory diseases and infection
Prof Clare Collins 2016 - Nutrition and dietetics focusing on developing, delivering and evaluating nutrition interventions for prevention and treatment of weight related chronic conditions
A/Prof Frances Kay-Lambkin 2016 - Development and clinical trial of computer- and internet-delivered treatments for people with co-occurring mental health and alcohol/other drug use problems

Other Fellowships supported by the Brawn Trust will be advertised on this page as they open.

Scheme Policy (PDF, 38KB) "Under Review"

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