Funding opportunities

The Faculty of Health and Medicine understands the importance of supporting research staff in their endeavours to be world leaders in their field.  As such the Faculty and its Schools offers a wide range of funding schemes which are available at various times during the year.

Each year the Faculty provides subsidy funding for users of Australian Bioresources (ABR).   The facility provides capacity to house genetically modified mice that underpin progress in modern medical research. These colonies are critical for progress in research across all health priority areas, including cancer, mental illness, disease of the nervous system, arthritis, asthma, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

These grants provide financial assistance towards the cost of travel and registration to attend a significant research conference either internationally or domestically.  This provides the opportunity for Faculty researchers to disseminate their research results, obtain feedback and initiate or enhance collaborations with other researchers and industry partners. Recipients must be presenting a paper or giving a plenary lecture at the conference. Follow the links for an Application Form and Report Form

From year to year the Faculty identifies available funding which is used to purchase major equipment to support research activities. Equipment purchases need to be of strategic benefit to the Faculty and the University. The round is currently open until Friday 12th July 2019. The application is available via this link

The Gladys M Brawn Bequest provides various levels of research fellowship funding from year to year. As a round opens details will be posted here.  See also Gladys M Brawn Fellowship.

Each semester applications are called for grants-in-aid to assist higher degree research students experiencing financial difficulty to complete their current program.  The maximum award is $5,000. This grant is generously supported by donations and bequests provided to the Faculty of Health and Medicine.  Rounds for 2018 have now closed.

In order to foster research collaborations with other institutions and partners internationally and domestically the Faculty offers a Research Visitor scheme to support travel and accommodation for research visitors from outside Newcastle who will spend a minimum of 1 week in Newcastle.  For more information contact

The Faculty also administers scholarships and grant schemes on behalf of our generous donors.  Philanthropic support contributes to our world-leading research and enables our researchers to challenge conventional thinking and change lives. You can donate to the Faculty, an individual researcher, project or specific research area by Giving to UON.