Our Students

What our Students Say.....

Miriam Tan 

I was lucky enough to spend my last year at Tamworth, an experience that has without a doubt strengthened my knowledge, ability and experiences in rural health, dietetics and community health.

I am thoroughly enjoying working in a rural area, I hope to continue providing dietetic services and expand into project work to improve the health of the Central West region.

- Miriam Tan, Nutrition and Dietetics

Isaac Woodberry 

[My placement] allowed me to gain an understanding of the benefits and challenges associated with rural practice.

Living in Tamworth for 10 weeks during placement provided me with great memories and friendships which made the decision to come back all the more easier.

- Isaac Woodberry, Occupational Therapy

Danielle Kennedy 

My placement was paramount in gaining [my current] position.

Not only did it help to further develop my skills as a clinician but it also gave me further insights into the profession.

I also received a lot of information and guidance when completing my application to ensure that it reflected my clinical skills and that I had a passion for rural and remote health.

My placement also fostered my love for rural health and all the advantages and challenges it has to offer.

- Danielle Kennedy, Speech Pathology

Rural placement really gives you that grounding in patient care that goes on to affect how you practise.

My placements around the New England, the Northern Rivers and overseas greatly helped to shape how I see medicine, its place in the world and how I aim to help the health system.

I think that doing rural placements really helps you to see the impact you can make on a sometimes resource-poor scenario and helps you become inspired about the work you can do.

I believe that it was due to rural placements that I have become solely interested in my future career path.

- Cale Lawlor, Medicine

Elly McCarroll 

After living in Sydney and Newcastle for university, relocating to Tamworth for my final year of study allowed me to become exposed to and appreciate the working life of a rural town. I was able to learn and become familiar with how the public health, private practice and community health system functioned in a rural town. I also learnt that working in a rural health facility exposed me to a wide variety of cases and conditions, in turn benefiting me in the long run.

Completing the majority of my final year of study in Tamworth also enabled me to gain an understanding of the community. Tamworth is largely focused on promoting and participating in sporting activities, therefore I was able to prepare for sporting injury patients.

- Elly McCarroll, Physiotherapy

Emma Bohringer 

Completing my rural placement gave me a broad understanding of some of the factors people living in rural and remote areas face, including cultural, socio-economic and geographical issues with accessing healthcare and constructing a nutritious diet.

The fact that I completed a year-long rural placement meant that I really got to know the local food supply in terms of access, availability and cost of foods, typical meals consumed and cooking methods used, climate and other lifestyle factors impacting on the health and ability to adopt a healthy lifestyle for people living in rural and remote areas. Having this experience prior to graduating made me better able to connect with my clients and understand the barriers they describe.

- Emma Bohringer, Nutrition and Dietetics

Hannah Foster

My previous placements in metropolitan areas didn’t provide the diversity and opportunity to manage a generalist caseload that my rural placements did. I found on those placements that the children I saw were primarily speech and language clients.

My rural placement in Tamworth prepared me in so many ways; my paediatric placement at community health was a really similar setting to my current workplace, which provided me with an idea of the benefits and challenges of managing a generalist caseload. Also, having the opportunity to participate in community projects such as after school learning centres gave me excellent experience in working with the community and developing those important relationships!

- Hannah Foster, Speech Pathology

Louisa RostronMy rural placements at Tamworth Rural Referral Hospital and Tamworth Community Health helped me develop skills in terms of being flexible with my time, being independent due to fewer resources, working closely with families to develop goals, and generally understanding the importance of being involved in the community of a small rural town.

- Alex Svigelj, Speech Pathology