Tarryn Waller

Tarryn WallerMeet Tarryn Waller, 19.

She is a high achiever scholarship holder with a passion for research. Tarryn's interest in pathology has led her to study a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences.

She chose the University of Newcastle because its international reputation as a world leader in medical research provides the best platform for this kind of study. And, she admits, the Newcastle lifestyle was not too bad either!

"Newcastle has some of the top rankings for health and sciences research so it was an easy decision to choose here to study," she said.

"My favourite experience at uni is the labs we get to do. I love the hands on work and we get a lot of opportunity to refine our practical skills."

Tarryn completed her schooling at Yale Secondary College in British Columbia, Canada and originally aspired to attend medical school.

Following some career soul-searching, a passion for pathology emerged and when Tarryn began researching universities rankings in the field of medical research, Newcastle's reputation could not be ignored.

But it wasn't all about to fall in her lap, a mixture of hard work, determination, and focus is what saw Tarryn succeed in her goals.

 "Working hard in school was the best decision I made for myself," she said.

"To receive a high achiever scholarship is one of the best things that has happened to me in life so far, and it means the world is at my feet."

Tarryn's advice for HSC students?

"Don't give up and study as hard as you can, it pays off in the long run.

"Think of it as being in control of what you want for your future."