What if I completed part/all of my experience before the introduction of the SONIA system?

If you have already completed sufficient industrial experience to meet your program requirements, your hours can be counted toward your requirement. The only form you need to submit on SONIA is the Learning Journey Portfolio (for Engineering and Surveying students), OR the IE Report (for Construction Management students). Instructions can be found in Step 2 of the Student User Guide.

If you have PARTIALLY completed your requirements or are CURRENTLY on placement, there is no need to seek pre-approval retrospectively. You should complete your placement(s) and then submit the IE report in SONIA (instructions are in Step 2 of the Student User Guide).

If you are yet to commence any EPP / IE, you must seek pre-approval before commencing placements. This pre-approval should be sought via SONIA as per the instructions in the Student User Guide.

If you believe your circumstances do not fall clearly into any of the above, please contact your IE Coordinator for clarification on how to proceed.