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About the program

FEBE Leaders is a program in the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment (FEBE) that enables students to develop a range of skills that will enhance employability and start them on the journey to becoming leaders in their field. The program is also personally rewarding and enriches the university experience.

Starting university is a very exciting experience, but for some new students it can be a challenging time. To ease this transition, FEBE Leaders act as mentors for newly commencing students. Mentors will not only be a friendly and welcoming face, but also introduce commencing students to University culture, support, events, services and preparation to help ensure success.

Meeting times can be organised with mentors and mentees in the Motivation Station space by booking in with the program coordinator.

FEBE Leaders at all year levels can also get involved with activities like:

  • Meet & greets - share your personal student experience with prospective or new students
  • Be involved in exciting events like Open Day and Orientation
  • Assist with industry showcases or alumni networking events
  • Provide feedback on student experience and courses to the University and Professional Accrediting Bodies like Engineers Australia

Why you should get involved

  • It is a great chance to meet new people in your degree
  • It is rewarding and fun way to gain relevant experience that can be included on your CV
  • You can develop key employability attributes such as leadership and interpersonal and communication skills
  • Build skills in mentoring
  • Have access to exclusive events
  • Build key relationships with staff at UON and the broader community

How do I join?

You can express your interest in joining the FEBE Leaders program if you are a FEBE student in 2nd year or above, and have at least a 4.0 GPA.

Express your interest

FEBE mentors

Seek a mentor

Want someone to show you the ropes of being a student in engineering and built environment?

FEBE Leaders are the perfect people to help get you get familiar with student life. Our dedicated Faculty mentors have been in your position before and know what it’s like to be new. There is no one better to help you adjust to life as an engineering and built environment student, fill you in on what UON offers and get you started on the right track for success.

Mentors can help you by:

  • Providing support and advice
  • Help with study strategies and time management
  • Keeping in contact with you via email
  • Catching up with you for a chat

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