Sustainable and clean energy production

  • Bio-fuel catalysis
  • Fuel cells, electrolysis and solar fuels
  • Methanol as feedstock (MTO, MTG)
  • Fuel reforming
  • Catalytic oxidation
  • Photocatalysis
  • Hydrotreatment of fuels
  • Fischer Tropsch synthesis

Emission control

  • Mobile and stationary source emissions
  • TWC
  • Lean de-NOx and diesel emissions
  • Oil refinery NOx emissions
  • Mining related emission control

Indoor air cleaning

  • Catalytic processes to clean indoor air (VOCs, PAH, particulates)

Water treatment

  • Non-biodegradable organic oxidation
  • Inorganics reduction
  • Sludge removal

Green Engineering and Chemistry

  • Biomass to Chemicals
  • Catalytic valorisation of CO2
  • Environmentally friendly catalytic processes
  • Photocatalysis