Faculty of Engineering and Built EnvironmentFaculty of Engineering and Built Environment

School of Electrical Engineering and Computing

The School of Electrical Engineering and Computing offers undergraduate and postgraduate study in Computer Science, Computer Systems Engineering, Cyber Security, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Information Technology, Medical Engineering and Software Engineering. In conjunction with the School of Engineering, we also offer undergraduate study in Mechatronics.

Our programs are underpinned by some of the most exciting research in Australia. In the Australian Research Council research excellence ratings we are one of only three universities in Australia to receive a top rating of '5' for Electrical and Electronic Engineering across all four assessments (2010, 2012, 2015 and 2018). We are also ranked in the world’s top 200 for Electrical & Electronic Engineering, and top 300 for Computer Science & Information Systems.

Program Educational Outcomes: Engineering

The University of Newcastle Engineering programs produce graduates that meet the following Program Educational Outcomes (PEOs). The PEOs are statements that summate the minimum expectations of graduates some 3-5 years post-graduation.

UON Engineers will:

  • Create, innovate, design and manage engineering systems in both the public and private sectors
  • Communicate effectively in written and oral formats with both professional and broader communities, with appropriate respect for cultural, national and ethical norms
  • Pursue life-long learning: appreciate new directions and knowledge in engineering, and understand developments within modern tools of analysis, synthesis and design
  • Seek to incorporate interdisciplinary concepts and perspectives into engineering solutions
  • Practice engineering in an ethical and sustainable manner, respecting regulatory concerns and the broader impacts of engineering solutions in both a local and global context

FEBE Engineering Mission Statement

The University of Newcastle’s Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment is home to two of the most highly ranked¹´², research-intensive engineering schools. Together, these schools provide research-led, forward-thinking engineering programs in 11 engineering specialisations. Our programs are designed to ingrain deep technical discipline knowledge within a robust, professional perspective framework. Our graduates hone their technical skills by working on real-world problems both individually and in teams to achieve ethical, socially responsible and technically meritorious solutions to complex, open-ended problems.


Luke Simmons' Prosthetic Hand

Putting it all into practice

In their final year our students bring theory and practice together in sophisticated design projects. For example, Luke Simmons designed a control system driven prosthetic hand that responds to the electrical impulses in muscle tissue.

NUbots Soccer Robots

NUbots - Robot Soccer

Darwin-OPThere's nothing like a little competition to make things interesting. The NUbots, our robotic soccer team, use their artificial intelligence and robotics expertise to program Darwin-OP robots to compete in RoboCup. In 2014 they flew to Brazil to take part in the championship.

Students working at Makerspace


Makerspace is a student hackerspace community and open lab workspace that offers cutting edge equipment like a PCB mill and 3D printer to support students working and collaborating on their uni work and personal projects.