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The University of Newcastle Coding & STEM 4 Schools (CS4S) team provides professional learning opportunities for, and conducts research into, the teaching and learning of Coding & STEM in primary and secondary schools. The focus areas of the professional learning opportunities and research run by the CS4S team are:

  • The implementation of the Digital Technologies learning area of the national Australian Curriculum
  • Teaching Coding and Computational Thinking in K-12
  • Integrating Coding and Computational Thinking with different K-12 subjects (such as Mathematics)

To keep up to date with the professional learning opportunities being offered by the CS4S team, please register for the University of Newcastle CS4S Mailing List. If you have any enquiries about the CS4S professional learning programs or research, please contact Daniel Hickmott.

2019 Coding & STEM Workshops

We have recently received funding to run the 2019 Coding & STEM 4 Schools programs. We are planning to run a variety of professional learning programs this year, including a weekly after-school program over 8 weeks and an Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality workshop.

We will update this webpage with more detail when these programs are confirmed but we will send out all details about the programs through our mailing list first, which you can register for using this form.


If you have any enquiries, please contact Daniel Hickmott.

Dr Elena Prieto

School of Education
Program Convenor Bachelor of Teaching (Mathematics)
Deputy Program Convenor Master of Educational Studies (Maths cohort)

Associate Professor Regina Berretta

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Head of Computer Science and Software Engineering Discipline
Researcher at the Priority Research Centre for Bioinformatics, Biomarker Discovery and Information Based Medicine

Mr Andrew Lyell

School of Education
Deputy Program Convenor Bachelor of Teaching (Technology)

Mr Daniel Hickmott

CS4S Project Officer