Online Peer2Peer Learning Support

Bachelor of Arts: Learning Circles

Students undertaking the new Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree will benefit from the support gained from a Peer2Peer scheme. This will be in the form of learning circles supported by an academic leader responsible for the group for a semester and/or calendar year. The BA Peer2Peer opportunity is tied to the core course at first year level.


The School of Humanities and Social Science will also develop a drop-in space for students to assist in the creation of an identity for BA students that can be the focus of the Peer2Peer Learning Support and learning circles. This will be a low-key technology-supported space in the new Innovation Lab (in development). BA students will work together in a wireless hot-desk setting with relaxing spaces.

There will be academic support at specific times; for example, the academic leader providing a regular drop-in session, peer-based discussions around the BA core courses, and tutorials on referencing for different disciplines.