International research, teaching and learning

The School of Humanities and Social Science is an exemplar of internationalisation. It is home to the University's modern languages – ChineseFrenchGerman and Japanese – and the international exchanges that go with them. Most of our academic disciplines are integrally international in terms of curricula and research. Many staff members are active researchers in the international arena, with outstanding global reputations and research links with numerous overseas institutions.

Study abroad students

Our students have access to a wide range of exchange schemes and international fieldwork placements.

Students interested in Japan can experience its culture first hand with a trip paid for jointly by the University of Newcastle and Shohoku College.

Students of French have access to a range of grants and awards, including an expenses-paid semester of study in a French university. These opportunities make the French discipline at the University of Newcastle unique in Australia. As a result of the generous bequest of the French department's foundation Professor, Kelver Hartley, the discipline can offer extensive travel opportunities and study support to students. The Kelver Hartley Bequest Program includes competitive grants to ease study costs in first year, the chance to spend six months in France at the Université de La Rochelle and study and travel support for Honours and postgraduate students.

International travel is not limited to our Languages students; our Speech Pathology program, for example, also has developed extensive links with Vietnam.