The book:logic initiative brings together scholars interested in the various dimensions of textual studies, particularly editorial methods, editorial theory and the digital humanities.

The group is informal, however, members meet every year either in stand-alone symposia or in a sponsored series of panels at national and international conferences.

Book:logic organising committee

Associate Professor Ros Smith
Professor Ros Smith

School of Humanities and Social Science, The University of Newcastle 
Dr Mark Byron
Dr Mark Byron

Department of English
The University of Sydney 
Professor Tim Dolin
Professor Tim Dolin

School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts, Curtin University

Past events

University of Newcastle

book:logic 6 (April 2014) Literary Histories, Material Cultures, Digital Futures

Do conventional and digital humanities scholarship grapple with the materiality of texts in different ways? What challenges and possibilities do print and electronic environments pose for the presentation, editing and analysis of literary texts? Keynote speakers: Thomas Augst and Molly O'Hagan Hardy. Conveners: Assoc. Prof. Ros Smith and Dr Patricia Pender of the Early Modern Women's Research Network at the University of Newcastle. Download the conference poster.

AustESE project

book:logic 5 (4 October 2013) Editing, Reading Studying: A symposium of the affordances of the (im)material book

Attendees of this one-day symposium held at the University of Queensland investigated the acts of editing, studying, and reading works from the past. Speakers considered the influence of computer technology on the way we perform such acts, explored the possibilities of new ways of knowing in digital environments, and examined the endurance of old ways of knowing in print formats. Conveners: Dr Roger Osborne and Professor David Carter. Download an account of the program of papers. Program papers are listed on the book:logic 2013 site.

University of Western Australia

book:logic 4 (29 June 2012) Text Editing and Digital Culture

Held at the University of Western Australia, papers at the 2012 book:logic Symposium, "Text Editing and Digital Culture," investigated the promises and pitfalls of digital textuality, the changing role of the textual editor, and the intersections of textual studies and digital technologies within different cultures and literary traditions. Conveners: Professor Tim Dolan and Dr Brett Hirsch. View the program and sound file on the book:logic 2012 site.

University of Adelaide

book:logic 3 (5 November 2011) Text Logic and Book History

Speakers: John Gouws, Tim Dolin, Bryan Coleborne, Christopher Pollnitz, Paul Eggert and Graham Tulloch.

University of Sydney

book:logic 2 (10 December 2010) Digital Editing, Digital Humanities

University of Sydney

book:logic 1 (19-20 March 2010) symposium and master class

Topics covered included the editing of works from the early modern period to the present, including works of Australian literature ; editorial theory, book history and print culture, editorial practice, manuscript study and online editions. Conveners: Professor Paul Eggert and Professor Robert Dixon. View the program and sound files on the book:logic 2010 web page.

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