Lab for Applied Language Science


The UON Lab for Applied Language Science (LALS) is open for anybody who is interested in language development and language use. We aim to offer opportunities for novel interdisciplinary collaborations among linguists, language teachers, psychologists, speech pathologists, educational tool developers, engineers, etc. and to provide trainings for researchers and students who wish to develop skills in experimental approaches to language science. Associate Professor Kiwako Ito directs the lab.

The UON Lab for Applied Language Science conducts psycholinguistic research on:

  • First language development in young and school-age children
  • Language processing in adolescents, young, middle-age and aging adults
  • Second/Foreign language acquisition in children and adults
  • Language development and processing in clinical populations

Research studies

The above missions motivate research studies such as:

  • Speech perception and/or sentence processing in children, adults and individuals with clinical conditions (e.g., developmental disorder, hearing impairment, dementia, etc.)
  • Grammatical development in school-age children and children with developmental disorders
  • Effect of specific types of training on second/foreign language processing
  • Individuals’ cognitive abilities and their language processing skills

The application goals of this research include (but are not limited to):

  • Construction of language skill database for school-age children
  • Evaluations of interventions for communication development
  • Comparative assessments of foreign language pedagogies
  • Development of age- and condition-specific communication tools

LALS is open to:

  • Researchers who want to test their scientific hypotheses in the areas related to language and language use
  • Students who want to learn experimental methods in language science
  • Educators and clinicians who wish to obtain empirical data on the language skills of specific populations
  • Those who plan to develop language education/assessment/training materials based on empirical evidence for efficacy
  • Developers of condition-specific communication tools