People in Screens, Languages, English and Writing

Our team regularly produces new research knowledge on their areas of expertise as well as making it accessible to others through teaching and public engagement initiatives. Further details can be found on their university profile pages linked below.

Dr. Rebecca Beirne - Film, Media and Cultural Studies

  • Expertise: television studies; gender, sexuality and LGBTIQ studies; film studies; media audiences and consumption; race and ethnicity in media cultures; postcolonial studies; documentary film and television; popular culture; media institutions; comics and graphic novels

Dr. Brooke Collins-Gearing - English and Writing

  • Expertise: Indigenous literature; postcolonial literature; children's literature; Young Adult Literature

Dr. Gabriella Edelstein - English and Writing

  • Expertise: drama; early modern literature; Jacobean and Elizabethan playwrights; Shakespeare

Dr. Hamish Ford - Film, Media and Cultural Studies

  • Expertise: film theory and history; post-war European cinema, cinema and philosophy; post-colonial studies; contemporary world cinema; film modernism; documentary cinema; race and ethnicity in media cultures; politics and media culture

Dr. Jessica Ford - Film, Media and Cultural Studies

  • Expertise: contemporary feminisms; American indie cinema; gender studies; women filmmakers; television studies; Australian television; authorship on screen; race and gender in media cultures; feminist media studies; gender, sexuality and race in digital cultures; popular culture; reboots, adaptations and retellings; celebrity studies

Dr. Keri Glastonbury - English and Writing

  • Expertise: contemporary Australian poetry; nonfiction; creative writing

Associate Professor Jesper Gulddal - English and Writing

  • Expertise: global crime fiction; mobility studies; World Literature; comparative literature; history and theory of the novel; 18th and 19th century literature; literary theory

Dr. Alexandra Lewis - English and Writing

  • Expertise: Australian literature; creative writing; fiction; fin-de-siècle literature; history of medicine, psychology and the emotions; life writing; literature and science 1800 to present; memory studies; Neo-Victorian fiction; short fiction; the Brontes and George Eliot; trauma narratives circa 19th century to present; travel writing; twentieth-century women’s writing; Victorian literature and culture

Dr. Erin McCarthy - English and Writing

  • Expertise: British literature; bibliography; book history; computational humanities; digital humanities; early modernity; history of reading; manuscript studies; paleography; poetry and poetics; quantitative methods; scholarly editing; women’s writing

Dr. David Musgrave - English and Writing

  • Expertise: contemporary Australian poetry and novel; the satire; creative writing

Associate Professor Patricia Pender - English and Writing

  • Expertise: early modern women's literature; Jane Austen; literature and film; popular culture; contemporary women's literature

Ms. Sophie Rankin - Language Studies, French

  • Expertise: French language, foreign language acquisition.

Associate Professor Alistair Rolls - Language Studies, French

  • Expertise: Boris Vian; existentialism; fetishism; twentieth and twenty-first century literature

Dr. Michael Sala - English and Writing

  • Expertise: creative writing; contemporary fiction; memoir

Dr. Shigeru Sato - Language Studies, Japanese

  • socio-economic impact of World War II in Southeast Asia; literary studies

Professor Ros Smith - English and Writing

  • Expertise: sixteenth and seventeenth century literature, especially women’s writing; material cultures of the book; marginalia; form; genre; sonnets; complaint; authorship and attribution; true crime in early modern and Australian literature

Dr. Graham Squires - Language Studies, Japanese

  • Expertise: intellectual history in the Meiji period; Japanese-English translation

Dr. Marie-Laure Vuaille-Barcan - Language Studies, French

  • Expertise: foreign language acquisition; French culture, language and literature; literary analysis; literary translation theories and practices

Associate Professor Caroline Webb - English and Writing

  • Expertise: SF and fantasy literature, including Children's/YA fantasy literature; British modernist literature; recent British women's fiction