People in Societies and Cultures and Human Services

Our team regularly produce new research knowledge on their areas of expertise as well as making it accessible to others through teaching and public engagement initiatives. Further details can be found on their university profile pages linked below.

Dr Hedda Askland - Anthropology

  • Expertise: social anthropology; community and identity; diaspora and exile; social, environmental and political change; development; youth

A/Prof. Caragh Brosnan - Sociology

  • Expertise: health and illness; medicine; complementary medicine; bioscience; professions; professional knowledge; professional identity; higher education; medical education

Professor Penny Jane Burke - Sociology

  • Expertise: higher education; access and student experience; community wellbeing; culture and agency; governance, policy and practice

Dr Julia Coffey - Sociology

  • Expertise: sociology of health; youth studies; sociology of gender; sociology of the body; identity

Dr. Julia Cook - Societies, Cultures and Human Services

  • Expertise: futurity; housing; place; residential mobility; sociology of time; young adulthood; youth

Dr. Kate Davies - Human Services

  • Expertise: community development; disability; evaluation; international aid and development; mental health; peer support; service-user participation and lived experience; sociology of health

Dr. Justin Ellis - Criminology

  • Expertise: communications technology; LGBTIQ studies; accountability; digital media; journalism; legitimacy; policing; surveillance; vulnerable populations

Dr David Farrugia - Sociology

  • Expertise: sociology of youth; rural and regional sociology; sociology of space and place; homelessness

Dr Hamed Hosseini - Sociology

  • Expertise: Post-capitalist Alternative Futures; Quantitative and Mixed Methods, Social movements including youth movements; Applied Social and Community Informatics, Sociology of information technologies and big data analytics, Social Psychology, Social wellbeing and well-living, Ethnic minorities and discrimination.

Dr Daniela Heil - Anthropology

  • Expertise: social and cultural anthropology; medical anthropology; political economy of health; Indigenous health and wellbeing; body, personhood and self; surrogacy

Dr. Christopher Krogh - Human Services

  • Expertise: care-full human services practice; document research; ecological paradigm; evaluation; Gosford CBD reinvigoration

Dr Xanthé Mallet - Criminology

  • Expertise: criminology; gendered crime; miscarriages of justice; media and crime; forensic anthropology; evidential evaluation

Professor Duncan McDuie-Ra - Sociology

  • Expertise: borderlands; cities; concrete; digital urbanism; environmental justice; frontiers; gender and masculinity; infrastructure; piracy and fakes; face and ethnicity; ruins; South Asia; technology; urbanization

Dr Kathleen McPhillips - Sociology

  • Expertise: religion and gender; sexual violence and trauma; sociology of child abuse; sociology of institutions; psychoanalysis and culture; sociology of mental health; politics of post-secularism and religion; feminist theory

Associate Professor Kate Senior - Human Services

  • Expertise: public health and health services; Australian Aboriginal communities; health and wellbeing of Indigenous adolescents

Dr Ann Taylor - Sociology

  • Expertise: sociology of health and gender; professions, midwifery and childbirth; primary health care; qualitative methods

Dr Steven Threadgold - Sociology

  • Expertise: youth sociology; class and inequality; youth transitions; youth culture; popular culture; Pierre Bourdieu; reflexivity and youth subjectivity; moral panic; consumer culture; risk and risk society