People in Healthy Communities and Social Futures

Our team regularly produce new research knowledge on their areas of expertise as well as making it accessible to others through teaching and public engagement initiatives. Further details can be found on their university profile pages linked below.

Professor Margaret Alston - Social Work

  • Expertise: climate change; environmental disaster; gender; rural women; social sustainability; violence against women

Dr. David Betts - Social Work

  • Expertise: gerontology; sexual and gender minorities; social work

Dr. Tamara Blakemore - Social Work

  • Expertise: child sexual abuse, family disadvantage, resilience

Associate Professor Penny Buykx - Healthy Communities and Social Futures

  • Expertise: access to treatment; alcohol and substance abuse; public health policy; rural health

Dr. Traci Flynn - Speech Pathology

  • Expertise: hearing impairment; language; rehabilitation

Associate Professor Wendy Foote - Social Work

  • Expertise: welfare practice, policy and regulations; vulnerable child and family health; child protection; kinship care

Associate Professor Mark Harvey - Linguistics

  • Expertise: language description and documentation, focussing on indigenous Australian languages; phonology; morphology; complex predicates.

Associate Professor Sally Hewat - Speech Pathology

  • Expertise: clinical education, evidence-based practice, stuttering, International engagement

Associate Professor Kiwako Ito - Linguistics

  • Expertise: eye tracking for studying language processing; language acquisition; psycholinguistics; speech signal processing.

Dr Alan Libert - Linguistics

  • Expertise: Turkic languages; artificial languages; adpositions; onomastics.

Dr Catriona Malau - Linguistics

  • Expertise: Language description and documentation; Oceanic languages of the Pacific, focussing on Vanuatu.

Dr Christo Moskovsky - Linguistics

  • Expertise: Second language acquisition; bilingualism.

Mr. Phillip Pallas - Social Work

  • Expertise: communication skills; community development; remote social work; indigenous knowledge

Associate Professor Bill Palmer - Linguistics

  • Expertise: language description and documentation; Oceanic languages of Pacific, focussing on Bougainville and Solomon Islands; syntax.

Dr Elizabeth Spencer - Speech Pathology

  • Expertise: clinical linguistics, discourse analysis, language and ageing, paediatric  language.

Dr. Joanne Steel - Speech Pathology

  • Expertise: adult neurogenic communication disability; cognitive communication; discourse analysis; social communication; traumatic brain injury

Mrs. Julie Steffner - Social Work

  • Expertise: child and family services with non-government organizations; out-of-home child care; regional family resilience strategy

Dr. Rachel Unicomb - Speech Pathology

  • Expertise: blended learning; clinical education; clinical skills; evidence-based practice; fluency; paediatric language; paediatric speech sound disorders; stuttering

Ms. Jo Walters - Speech Pathology

  • Expertise: clinical education; clinical skills; evidence-based practice; inter professional learning (IPL); paediatric language; paediatric speech and sound disorders; simulation; work-integrated learning

Dr. Gwendalyn Webb - Speech Pathology

  • Expertise: Australian Aboriginal peoples; disability; early childhood; intercultural communication