Organising committee

James Bennett

Dr James Bennett

James has turned his attention to representing history through film and documentary, incidents of resistance in the history of the city of Newcastle, the First World War, the medicalisation and de-medicalisation of homosexuality, and the critical pedagogy of tertiary level history OR (in five words) Anzacs, anarchists and aversion therapists.

Marguerite Johnson

Professor Marguerite Johnson

Marguerite’s research expertise is predominantly in the area of ancient Mediterranean cultural studies, particularly in representations of gender, sexualities and the body.

Kcasey McLaughlin

Dr Kcasey McLoughlin

Kcasey is an early career researcher and social commentator who probes the notion of gendered difference in Australian law.

Tanika Koosman

Ms Tanika Koosmen

Tanika is a PhD candidate in Classics in the School of Humanities and Social Science at the University of Newcastle and a casual academic. Tanika is Research Assistant for the project, and is working with youth, student, postgraduate, activist and community contributions.