Surveilling Minds and Bodies: Sexualities, Medicine and the Law in Australasian Contexts

12 - 13 September 2018, NeW Space, Newcastle

The 2018 conference ‘Surveilling Bodies and Minds: Sexualities, Medicine and the Law in Australasian Contexts’ endeavoured to provide a historical context (1950-present) for the current Australasian events surrounding, and responding to, the surveillance of sexualities, particularly gay and lesbian sexualities. This interdisciplinary conference was also community based and was open to all academic disciplines, community groups and organisations.

The recent shifts in power dynamics pertaining to sexualities, the body, medicalisation, and the law – represented most profoundly by the marriage equality debate – demonstrate the need for a series of historical enquiries into these key social issues.

Key note speakers were:

Watch the video below for a taste of the conference or download the conference handbook (PDF 930KB).

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