Research Clusters

Physical Activity and Nutrition

The Priority Research Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition investigates physical activity and nutrition for population health, with particular emphasis on education and health promotion strategies for chronic disease prevention, treatment and wellbeing. Research themes: Physical Activity and Population Health; Obesity; Nutrition and Dietetics; Clinical and Experimental Nutrition; Exercise Sciences; and Physical Activity and Nutrition in Schools.

Teachers and Teaching

The Teachers and Teaching Priority Research Centre aims to achieve high quality research, training and knowledge translation in the development and testing of interventions and innovations that will be used and sustained in the practice of teaching and teacher development across a broad range of contexts. Led by Laureate Professor Professor Gore, the centre investigates teacher professional learning and teaching practice with particular emphases on quality, equity and technology.

Comparative and International Education

The Comparative and International Education Group University of Newcastle (CIEGUN) brings together a critical mass of established comparative researchers exploring global educational policies and alternatives for contemporary times. Group members investigate policy across geographical regions, time periods, and educational forms, with a common focus on developing critical understandings of policy on multiple levels of scale.

Study of Research Training and Innovation

The Centre for the Study of Research Training and Impact (SORTI) is focused on understanding and developing research and higher order problem solving skills, and the impact of research training and research outcomes in a wide variety of contexts. SORTI activities are directed toward the understanding and development of research and higher order problem solving skills, the impact of research training and knowledge use, professional development and pathways to professions, and e-learning in a wide variety of contexts.

Digital Identity, Curation and Education

Digital Identity, Curation and Education (DICE) is a network of scholars interested in digital identity, digital footprint, curation of online presence, and serious games for learning. We investigate new frontiers in digital engagement and education to produce research and resources (e.g. apps and games) for today’s learner.

Early Childhood Studies

The Early Childhood Studies research cluster has a focus on research investigating children’s lives and experiences across a range of early childhood education and care contexts. This research focus includes the lives and work of adults who care for and educate young children, e.g. educators, helpers and parents. The early years of children’s lives has been a focus of significant policy and provision developments.

Global Education Research and Teaching

The Global Education Research and Teaching (GERT) team specialises in teaching and researching the incorporation of Global Education within the teacher education programs at the University of Newcastle and researching its dissemination within the education system. We teach and research global conceptions of sustainability, human rights and social justice to develop active and informed global citizens.

Global Learning Equity Network

The Global Learning Equity Network (GLEN) aims to reinvent teacher education in the field of learning and the profound role teachers play in addressing issues of equity and student success. Our website hosts current and leading resources in scholarly and applied research on learning equity in emerging knowledge bases.

Historical Experience, Representation, Media, Education, and Society

HERMES is a multi-institutional, interdisciplinary research network concentrated within the School of Education, but with a growing profile of international members and collaborators. Members of the group contribute to understandings of historical media and representation; historical consciousness, historical cultures and public history; curriculum history and the history of education; historical literacies and history education (history curriculum, pedagogy, and didactics).

Language and Literacies

The Languages and Literacies research group members come from a range of disciplinary backgrounds including linguistics, English, literacies, history, science, sociology, professional development and school change, and curriculum studies. Members research in the areas of languages pedagogy, assessment, curriculum theory and design, sociology, professional development and school change, inclusion, representation, and media and policy analysis.

Leadership and Management

The Leadership and Management research cluster focuses on how to best prepare teachers and school leaders. Working with the community, collaborating with school leaders to help drive change, enable and empower every child to have great life and ultimately create a better society.

NULearn - Learning for the 21st Century

NuLearn members focus on the areas of online learning, information and communication technology (ICT) education and e-Learning. We are interested in the nature of technology, the philosophical and practical directions of educational technology, and the assessment and development of innovations in curriculum, learning and teaching.

Special and Inclusive Education

The Special and Inclusive Education group focuses on the domains of student learning and behaviour as well as teacher education and professional standards for teachers. Our background is in special and inclusive education and support for people with additional needs including severe and multiple disability. Aspects of particular interest include quality of life, communication intervention, positive behavior support, learning difficulties, inclusive practices and teacher professional development.

Research Clusters

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