NuTeach provides the space and opportunity to build community, connectedness and collegiality in the School of Education between staff and students.

Every student who is enrolled in a program in the School of Education is a member of NuTeach. We have students across four campuses in the School of Education and international students studying from all over the world. NuTeach provides an online platform for communication and sharing for our 6,000+ students and 150+ staff.

We want our students to be connected to the professional community and have access to the kinds of resources available to teachers, in order to be that aware of the latest developments having an impact on schools. We also want our students to start thinking about how they can build their professional teaching profile from the moment they start their degree, so they can be ahead of the game when they go out into schools.

Experienced educators, administrators and educational researchers are also part of our diverse student body in the School of Education. We aim to engage our students through NuTeach as a whole community, and provide links to a range of opportunities and resources to keep connected within the profession. This is a great space to continue to build professional networks with fellow students.