Research Groups


Our academic staff have formed the Comparative and International Education Group University of Newcastle (CIEGUN), a program of research that brings together a critical mass of established comparative researchers exploring global educational policies and alternatives for contemporary times. The focus is developed through inter-related research spokes, across geographical regions, educational sectors, and time periods, with a consistent focus on policy critique, the exploration of socially just alternatives, and interventions that systematically incorporate subaltern voices.

Global Education

Established in 2010, the Global Education Research and Teaching (GERT) Team specialise in the dissemination of teaching and research on Global Education within the UON teacher education programs and the academic community. GERT uses the structure provided by the Australian framework for Global Education (2008).

Additionally GERT explores alternative and expansive notions of global education and global citizenship in teaching curriculum and pedagogy and also in research focuses. Contact can be made with the Global Education Research and Teaching Team via email.


HERMES is a multi-institutional, interdisciplinary research network concentrated within the School of Education at the University of Newcastle, Australia, but with a growing profile of international members and collaborators.

Members of the group contribute to understandings of historical consciousness, historical cultures, historical media, historical understanding, meta-historical literacies, curriculum history, and history education (history curriculum, pedagogy, and didactics).

The group is developing a vibrant and supportive community of history educators, researchers, doctoral researchers, and interns, and welcomes inquiries about membership or potential collaborations.