Global Learning Equity Network

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Welcome to the Global Learning Equity Network (GLEN). Around the world, teacher educators, regulators, legislators and professional associations are all focused on improving teacher preparation. Remarkably, the standards, assessments and processes are emerging as quite similar. Whilst the focus is primarily on teachers through the standards approach, an exciting, emerging transdisciplinary knowledge base is emerging that challenges the current models of teacher education.

The work in neuroscience, psychology, indigenous culture, the arts, technologies, equity, learning differences, etc. is all forming a new transdisciplinary area of "learning sciences".

GLEN aims to develop a global set of frameworks to guide teacher educators in reframing their programs around an international set of evidence-based principles. The heart of the premise is the interconnection of learning with the imperative of equity. The five frameworks being proposed will be developed into multiple domains and be part of an international research project co-sponsored by universities, schools and agencies around the world.

GLEN logoThe aim of GLEN is to transform the models of teacher education to be part of a complete rethink about learning, teaching, schooling and leading change in light of the amazing knowledge base that now exists about human capacity.

With an asset-based premise we hope to be part of creating learning centres that inspire children to lead amazing lives and help improve the human condition.

Previous Events

On Friday, March 11, 2016, a Research Symposium: Reframing Teacher Education for Learning Equity was held at the University of Newcastle. The keynote speaker, Professor Yong Zhao (University of Oregon), also gave a free public lecture the previous night. A program for the Research Symposium is available to peruse.

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