Teach Outreach in Action - Jewells Primary School

Athletics Carnival


"This Teach Outreach initiative is an opportunity to allow our students to experience first hand, valuable experience in a school setting while studying at - University." - Ms Tracey Kelty, Lecturer in Education, University of Newcastle

"Thank you so much. This program has contributed greatly to the success of our athletics carnival. I am looking forward to more help from the students who contribute to this initiative through Teach Outreach. We greatly appreciate this support." - Mr Kevin Miller, Principal, Jewells Primary School

"I found the athletics carnival a great tool in aiding knowledge of future required experiences in school." - Brianna Hodgson, student

"A great taste of teaching and a fun day had by all!" - Jasmine Trimble, student 

"(A) fun and interesting experience. Lots of practical knowledge gained." - Julia Crowley, student