Teach Outreach In Action - Hamilton Public School

Homework Centre

"Every week when I volunteer, I feel I'm becoming a better teacher. Homework tutoring is a great opportunity. It gives you the chance to apply your subject knowledge to a specific student or group, 'read' their strengths, likes, understanding, and sometimes unspoken needs. I find other volunteers enthusiastic, committed and sometimes highly knowledgeable and I learn from them as well as from the students' reactions and my own self reflection.

Tutoring also provides great opportunities to practice positive behaviour strategies, timing and pacing. It's a wonderful way to contribute to the community I study in whilst deepening my experience as a teacher." - Coralie Vernon, student

"I am honoured to be a part of the Teach Outreach Program as it allows me to gain practical experience in both the learning and teaching processes involved in teaching. It is a rewarding feeling to be able to assist young children during their crucial years of learning development and observe the positive outcomes that this program provides. My involvement with the Teach Outreach Program is a positive, fun, and pleasurable experience, and has truly deepened my passion for primary school teaching." - Katerina Razmovski, student (pictured)

"I have really enjoyed working with the education students at the Hamilton and Mayfield homework centres. It is great to have skilled volunteers that can really make a difference in the school children's educational experience and show a real interest in their development. I have also appreciated the commitment the volunteers have shown in coming up with new and creative ways of keeping the school students focused on completing their homework and assignments. The tutors appear to equally enjoy the time with the school students. The principals and staff of the local schools have also shown gratitude for the program and the work of the volunteer tutors." - Lauren Miles, Homework Centre Coordinator