Request for Teach Outreach Volunteers

Please complete the below form to propose a Teach Outreach initiative.

Please provide details of what is required of Teach Outreach volunteer/s and what operations volunteer/s will participate in or observe.
Briefly outline the potential benefits this volunteer experience will provide volunteer/s.
Please provide details of the location where the Teach Outreach activity will take place. (Eg: within school grounds).
Please provide an approximate of the time commitment you require of Teach Outreach volunteers (per week/fortnight or month etc).
Description of induction process that students will undertake, including OH&S procedures.

I/We confirm that I/we are providing a safe working environment as required by the Workplace Health and Safety Act and will ensure that the Teach Outreach student volunteer is supervised at all times.

I/We confirm that this Teach Outreach volunteer work experience placement will comply with the requirements of the Fair Work Act 2009, in that:

  • The student must not be doing productive work;
  • The main benefit of the arrangement should be to the student undertaking the Teach Outreach volunteer placement; and
  • It must be clear that the student is receiving a meaningful learning experience, training of skill development.