"Anyone who enjoys the streets, who enjoys feasting his eyes on shop windows piled high with all kinds of everyday wares and artful trifles, anyone who enjoys the cafés...is unlikely to be moved by the polished art of the serious theatre. Unless the theatre shouts as lustily as the streets, it won't attract an audience for love or money. The Parisian derives far more enjoyment from the fêtes and travelling theatres...than from anything the dramatic theatre has to offer" - Vsevolod Meyerhold.

"First and foremost we must give credit to the basic principles of the circus and music hall-for which I had a passionate love since childhood. Under the influence of the French comedians, and of Chaplin...and the first news of the fox-trot and jazz, this early love thrived. The music-hall element was obviously needed at the time for the emergence of a 'montage' form of thought" - Sergei Eisenstein, tr. Daniel Gerould.

"Playfulness is a volatile, sometimes dangerously explosive essence, which cultural institutions seek to bottle or contain in the vials of games, of competition, chance, and strength, in modes of simulation such as theatre, and in controlled disorientation, from roller coasters to dervish dancing" - Victor Turner.