Creative and Performing Arts

Find a Creative and Performing Arts Supervisor

Before you apply, contact a supervisor for discussion on possible research projects. This will allow you to frame your proposal to align with established disciplines and areas of supervisor capacity.

  • Professor Frank Millward: the intersection between fine art, music and theatre making; how technology is turning the arts into a fertile ground for innovative research.
  • Dr Gillian Arrighi: Acting theories and pedagogy, animals and performance, Australian performance histories, children in entertainment, circus studies, contemporary circus and physical theatre, contemporary performance practices, masks in training and performance, performance and intermediality, popular entertainments, role play and simulation pedagogies, Victorian & Edwardian popular entertainments, youth circus and social circus
  • Dr Jocelyn McKinnon: Curriculum development, experimental theatre and performance, interdisciplinary, pedagogy in the creative arts, political and community performance, student centered learning