Communication and Media

Find a Communication and Media Supervisor

Before you apply, contact a supervisor for discussion on possible research projects. This will allow you to frame your proposal to align with established disciplines and areas of supervisor capacity.

  • Professor Mark Balnaves: specialises in audience research, new media and society, digital ethnography, history of media.
  • Associate Professor Phillip McIntyre: researches how novel and valued things come into being. Supervises postgraduate research across a variety of domains concerned with creativity and innovation within the field of communication and media.
  • Dr Janet Fulton: specialises in creativity and cultural production, journalism, online journalism, media entrepreneurship, media studies and social media.
  • Dr Susan Kerrigan: supervises thesis and creative practice projects in film, television and screen production, including screenwriting, drama or documentary.
  • Dr Michael Meany: specialises in humour, comedy and creativity produced and performed in traditional and new media forms.
  • Dr Keith Russell: communication media law and ethics, design concepts and methods, new humanities, new media poetics, phenomenology, philosophy of communication, philosophy of design.
  • Dr Judith Sandner: researches vernacular creativity and collaborative theatrical, television and film productions generated from fact-based community narratives. She supervises projects concerned with Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) of news media productions; communication and media personnel as creative practitioners; social media engagement and identity constructions.
  • Dr Simon Weaving: is passionate about cinema and is interested in supervising research that involves film-production, distribution and exhibition – in particular screenwriting and directing cinematic drama.
  • Ms Felicity Biggins: narrative journalism, radio, creative non-fiction, feature writing, journalism, media production, radio.
  • Ms Christina Koutsoukous
  • Ms Cathie Payne
  • Mr Paul Scott: journalism, politics, public affairs and communication, public policy, radio journalism.