FEDUA Ethics Methodology Peer Review Process

In the Faculty of Education and Arts, the Research Committee has delegated the oversight of the peer review process of Human Research Ethics applications to a Committee consisting of the Assistant Dean Research and the Deputy Heads of School (Research) in the Schools of Education and of Humanities and Social Science. The role of the DHOS is to verify that the peer review of methodology has taken place by an appropriate reviewer. This Committee will review the process annually.

Staff may self-manage the peer review process by selecting appropriate colleagues to review their proposals. If assistance is required in identifying an appropriate peer reviewer, staff should contact one of the Faculty Research Ethics Advisors who maintain a list of qualified peer reviewers.

Research supervisors are Chief Investigators on Human Research Ethics applications from RHD, Masters or Hons students.

Full details of the Peer Review process may be found at the University's Ethics page

Enquirers for research ethics for the Faculty of Education and Arts should be directed to the Research Ethics Advisors listed below:

School of Education
Dr Kerry Dally  
T: (02) 4921 6281

School of Humanities & Social Science
Dr Daniela Heil
T: (02) 4921 6790

School of Creative Arts & School of Humanities & Social Science
Dr Jean Harkins    
E: Jean
T: (02) 4921 5179