Any costs incurred while on placement including any transport, accommodation and living costs are your responsibility.

The University of Newcastle, Student Loans and Welfare section may offer financial assistant to eligible students. For more information visit Student Loans and Welfare

All students enrolled in undergraduate Primary and Secondary programs are expected to undertake one Diversity placement as part of their program of study. This is inbuilt into the third year Quality Teaching, Diversity and Equity professional experience courses.

Diversity placements are intended to provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to cope in an environment different to the one they experienced on their first placement.

Third year placements should be outside the local region but within NSW, or alternatively can be Interstate or International. Please note Interstate and International placements have a minimum Grade Point Average requirement of 4.75.

If students have extenuating circumstances and must stay in area the should apply via the Adverse Circumstances process.

Students seeking placement outside their local region will be asked to nominate preferred schools.

Students seeking placements within their local region will NOT be asked for preferences and will be placed by the Professional Experience Unit in a setting dissimilar to their 2nd year placement. Students will be required to travel 30 min to 1 hour from their home.

The procedure for applying for placements will be explained in preparation lectures and the Course Coordinators will make the final decision about all placements.

Internship Semester 1 2020 (Restricted enrolment)

Education students intending to undertake their Internship or final year placement (EDUC4186/7, EDUC4196/7, EDUC4146/7 or EDUC4060) in Semester 1 must ensure they have meet (or will meet) relevant course requisites and assumed knowledge by the beginning of Semester 1 2020 (please refer to your relevant Course Handbook). This includes successful completion of LANTITE Literacy and Numeracy tests.

If you believe you will not be able to complete your scheduled placement due to adverse circumstances, you must be able to demonstrate that one or more of the adverse circumstances listed below may impact your academic performance within the current term or placement period:

  • health grounds;
  • compassionate grounds;
  • hardship;
  • trauma; or
  • unavoidable commitments.

Adverse Circumstances do not include:

  • misreading the Course Outline or the examination timetable; or
  • usual work commitments; or
  • travel plans; or
  • ignorance of assumed knowledge requirements for a course.

For more information visit Adverse circumstances

  1. To apply visit Adverse Circumstances and follow the instructions.
    Once your Adverse Circumstances application has been approved by the relevant Course Coordinator, complete Step 2 below:
  2. Log onto SONIA online and complete the Adverse Circumstances Prof Exp Notification Form to notify the Professional Experience Unit of your approved placement reallocation/variation requirements. This form is available for self-selection under the SONIA Forms tab,

Please note that Professional Experience Placement Dates are made available towards the end of each academic year for the following year to enable students to forward plan.

Make contact with the Professional Experience Unit and your School/Service placement supervisor as soon as possible. Complete an Application for Leave from Professional Experience, attach supporting documentation, and lodge this form with your School/Service placement coordinator. 

Generally any days missed do need to be made up. This may vary depending on your course so please refer to your Professional Experience guide or Course Coordinator for detailed information on absences.

An incident is something that results in (or potentially results in) harm to yourself or others. It can include physical injury or psychological damage. In the event of any incident occurring while you are on placement, you must not ignore it. You should:

  1. Seek medical attention where appropriate.
  2. Follow the School/Service incident response and reporting procedure.
  3. Contact your School/Service Placement Supervisor, Course Coordinator and the Professional Experience Unit peu@newcastle.edu.au or 49215497
  4. Report the Incident to University of Newcastle Work, Health and Safety team via the Online Incident Reporting web page. Click on the LOG AN INCIDENT NOW link and complete the online form.

UON holds insurance policies to cover you while you undertake approved activities relating to your course. You are covered by the University's insurance policies if you are undertaking a professional placement that is a requirement of your course.

Yes. University insurance covers students undertaking any official professional experience related activity. When travelling on excursions students need to be aware that University insurance does NOT cover student's private vehicles. For more information on insurance please visit the Insurance web pages.

The University plays no part in the issuing of a NSW Department of Education casual teaching numbers. Students will need to contact the NSW Department of Education for information on how to apply for a casual teaching number.

The University plays no part in the issuing of NSW Department of Education casual teaching numbers. However, in past years the Department has allowed the School Principal to fast track a teaching approval by ringing the NSW Department of Education Graduate Recruitment Section.

Students in the third year of an Education program can apply to undertake their professional experience placement at an International school. Please refer to International Placements for more details.