Professional Experience Unit

Professional Experience Unit

The Professional Experience Unit (PEU) manages the professional placements for the School of Education and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. The PEU is actively involved in ensuring that students enrolled in education programs, social work programs and speech pathology programs have the best professional experience to prepare them for the work place.


The Professional Experience Unit manages the teaching practicum placements that are compulsory for students enrolled in many School of Education programs. These placements play a critical role in ensuring that our graduates have a the prerequisite knowledge, skills and dispositions for a successful career in teaching.

Social work

This information has been developed to assist both field educators and students involved in the Bachelor of Social Work (Honours).

Speech pathology

Clinical education refers to that part of the Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours) that directly equips the student with the requisite skills and experience to work as speech pathologists at the level of competent beginning practitioners.