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Research Achievements

In all the research undertaken in the Faculty, our aim is to produce world-class scholarship, often in collaboration with international colleagues and those from other faculties within the University. Our research in the Creative Arts, Education, Humanities and Social Science responds to some of the major issues of our age, such as violence, religious tolerance, disability, equity in education, global language loss, and obesity.

Our researchers have achieved awards and international recognition for their work and are actively engaged in publishing in high quality journals and with prestigious book publishers, in gaining research grants, participating in international exchange and connecting with the community through frequent public lectures, performances and seminars. They are also regular contributors to the print and broadcast media, and are regularly interviewed by Australian and international media for their knowledge and views.

The Faculty is growing its international reputation in research performance. In 2017, we were ranked in the top 100 in the world for Sociology and Education, the top 150 for English Language and Literature and in the top 250 for Linguistics by the QS World University Subject Rankings.

The Faculty of Education and Arts enjoyed a very good result from the last National Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) assessment exercise in 2015. Out of the 11 areas of research assessed for the Faculty, Human Movement and Sports Science was given a rating of 5 "well above world standard", while Social Work, Sociology, Literary Studies, Historical Studies and Religion and Religious Studies were rated "above world standard". Curriculum and Pedagogy, Specialist Studies in Education, Linguistics and Performing Arts and Creative Writing were all rated as "world standard".

The Faculty is proud to host four externally funded Fellowships and Chairs and have its researchers recognised by learned academics and other measures of peer esteem.

We have placed a deliberate focus on building teams to escalate research intensity and build excellence and practical research outcomes. The research teams in the Faculty are clustered into Research Programs, Research Centres, Research Networks, and Research Groups.

Our critical mass of research excellence centres around our PRC and three core centres: The Centre for 21st Century Humanities, Teachers and Teaching, and The Center for Social Research and Regional Futures. Our Priority Research Centre in Physical Activity and Nutrition is a leading example of interdisciplinary collaboration with the Faculty of Health and Medicine.

We also feature our Research Networks, which are areas of emerging research strength, such as the Early Modern Women's Research Network, The Torres Strait Islander Sacred Music Network, and the Early Childhood Research Network.

Our researchers are also linked into the University interdisciplinary research clusters. For example, both the 'Teachers and Teaching' and 'Research Training and Transformational Knowledge' Research Programs are key contributors to the University's Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education.