Supervisors in Theology and Religion

  • Professor Roland Boer (cohort coordinator): Marxism (especially Russian and Chinese), religion, Christian theology, Jewish theology; political philosophy, biblical criticism, radical religious movements.
  • Emeritus Professor Terry Lovat: Christian theology (speciality in Bonhoeffer), Practical theology, Islamic theology, Interfaith theology, religious education, ethics and values education.
  • Professor Victoria Haskins: Indigenous history and missions; colonialism and religion.
  • Dr Kathleen McPhillips: sociology of religion and gender; women, religion and feminism; critical studies in religion, religion and post-secularism; new religious movements, the sociology of Max Weber; child sexual abuse and the Catholic Church.
  • Dr Daniella Forster: professional ethics; values education; the ethics of belief; metaethics and epistemology; virtue theory; critical thinking; democratic education; philosophy of education.
  • Dr Kerry Dally: values education; research ethics; social and emotional learning; moral development.
  • Dr James Juniper: economics, philosophy and religious thought.
  • Dr Ann Taylor: sociology of religion and gender; new religious movements.
  • Dr Hamed Hosseini: political sociology of Islam, including Muslim youth political identity (political disenfranchisement and radicalism); Islamic economic alternatives to capital; (post-)Islamist social movements (e.g. Arab spring); social history of Islamic revivalism.

In specific cases it may be possible to arrange for co-supervisors outside the University of Newcastle.