Current postgraduate research in Theology and Religion

Current topics of postgraduate research in the Theology and Religion cohort include:

  • Time, Space and Utopian Home: Ernst Bloch's Interpretation of Marxism and Religion (Yazhi Li)
  • Religion and Ideology in Yehud in the Persian Era: A Samoan Hermeneutics (Malutafa Faalili)
  • Muslim Marxist Approaches to Islamic Heritage (Sead Zimeri)
  • The Politics of Progressive Christianity (Glen Veitch)
  • Changing Paradigm, Changing the World: A Critical-Theological Study of the Salvation Concept in John 14:6 (Theograsia Pattiasina)
  • Difference and Inclusion: Studies on Iris Marion Young’s Politics of Responsibility (Sun Xiuli)
  • From Utopia to Dystopia: A Comparative Reading of African Novels (Ashraf Abdelbaky)
  • The Life and Theological Legacy of Pope Kyrillos VI 1902-71 (Daniel Fanous)
  • Evaluating the Political Arab-West International Relations in light of the Rise and Fall of Contemporary Islamic Political Movements in the Arab World (Mohammad al-Jararwah)
  • Exploring the Relevance for Religious Education of the Development of the Episcopal Office in the Era of the Fathers of the Christian Church (50-300 AD) (Ross Tucker)
  • Bonhoeffer's Theology and Anthropogenic Climate Change: In Search of an Ecoethic (Dianne Rayson)
  • A Theology of the Land: Terra Australis from Christian - Indigenous Perspectives (Christopher Sexton)
  • Is the Baha'i Faith a Speculative Sect of Islam: A Case For and Against and Implications for Religious Education (Tom Jones)
  • A Maturity-developing Approach to Chaplaincy in NSW Government Schools (Stephen Grose)
  • The Life and Work of Reverend James Robert Beattie Love (1889 - 1947) - Transforming, and Being Transformed by Cross-Cultural and Cross-Language Relationships (Andrew Watts)
  • Places to Go: Witches to See Alternative Counter-Cultural Spiritual Practices among Australian Youth (Emma Quilty)

Theology and Religion PhD students

Current Theology and Religion cohort members (Left to right): Malutafa Faalili, Ashraf Abdelbaky, Dr Christina Petterson (Supervisor), Florensia Theograsia, Yazhi Li, Dianne Rayson, Xiuli Sun, Niall McKay, Rachelle Gilmour

Recently completed doctoral studies:

  • Mark, Marx and Apartheid: Liberative and Utopian Potential at the Intersection of Literary Materialism, Anti-Apartheid Resistance and the Second Gospel (Niall McKay)
  • Histoire as the History: A Review of the Politics and Implications of Islamic Public Pedagogy of the Archetypal Past (Amir Mogadam)
  • A Critical Analysis of a Theology of Disability in the Australian Catholic Church: A Qualitative Study into Contemporary Inclusionary Practices (Zachariah Duke)
  • An Examination of Moral Decision-Making in Medicine, Informed by a Habermasian Paradigmatic Approach: Implications for Medical Education (Paul Walker)
  • Interrupting Moral Technique, Transforming Biomedical Ethics: Reading Karl Barth Against the 'Sin' of the Common Morality and For the Postures of Human Flourishing (Ashley Moyse)
  • Beyond Absolutism: Conversations with Karl Barth over the Reforming of Enlightenment Subjectivity in Judgement (Scott Kirkland)
  • Christian-Muslim Relationships in Medan and Dalihan na tolu - A Social Capital Study of The Batak Cultural Values and Their Effect on Interreligious Encounters (Godlif Sianipar)
    The Mandorla A Spiritual Memoir (Diane Cousins)