Research Higher Degree Frequently Asked Questions

Need to resolve a problem?

A research candidature presents many challenges, and sometimes you may just need to talk with someone to sort out a problem or address an issue that crops up. The typical route is to start with your supervisors, but if this not possible or you just feel you need to talk to someone else, contact either your School's Research Training Convenor or Head of School. The Assistant Dean Research Training will always be happy to help out whatever the query or concern. Amanda Hall-Griffin is the Research Training Officer and she will make sure that she finds someone to respond to your concerns as soon possible. All these individuals have lots of experience with research higher degree processes and dilemmas. Contact us.

What is the confirmation year ?  

The University of Newcastle requires Research Higher Degree candidates to undertake confirmation within twelve months of commencement of candidature on a full-time basis (or part-time equivalent).

The purpose of confirmation is to support candidates in the early stages of their candidature. The process will allow candidates to receive objective confirmation that their research direction is sound. Any difficulties that might impede successful completion can be identified and remedied. The process also encourages candidates to start writing, which many find difficult early in their candidature.

Visit Office of Graduate Studies for more information

What resources are available

Laptops – Contact the Office of Graduate Studies

$1,500 (pro rata for P/T students). To access this funding you must apply through your School. To do this please contact your School Research Training Convenor who will be able to advise on the School's process and any other schemes that may be available to you through the School or check on your School's Research Higher Degree Student webpage.