December 2012 - Visit to Chinese Partner Universities

In early December David Roy from the School of Education visited a number of universities in China on the Faculty's behalf, accompanied by William Jiang from UON Global. Mr Roy visited a number of key partner universities including Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Central China Normal University, Shanghai International Studies University and South China Normal University, and prospective partners NingDe Normal University, Yangzhou Normal University and Shenzhen University. The aim of the visit was to consolidate relationships and explore possibilities for future collaboration.

David Roy with Shanghai staff

The photograph shows David Roy with staff from Shanghai International Studies University.

November 2012  - Visit to Germany

In November the Faculty International and Community Engagement Co-ordinator, Dr Geoffrey See, took part in a short study tour in Germany organised by the German Foreign Office, with the theme of "Study and Research in Germany".
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

The tour involved presentations from Federal Ministries, universities and research-funding bodies and included visits to Berlin, Bonn and Munich. There were 25 participants on the tour, all of whom work in the area of higher education. The participants came from many countries around the world, with Dr See being the sole Australian representative.

Delegates from Greece and Belarus

The tour included visits to the Free University of Berlin, Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Community), the Federal Department of Education and Research, the Helmholtz Association and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).
Following the official tour, Dr See visited the Universities of Regensburg, Freiburg and Bonn to discuss possible academic and research co-operation, including articulation into the University's Masters degrees.

University of Regensburg

The photographs, starting from the top, show the tour group at the headquarters of the Aloexander von Humboldt Foundation. The next is of Dr See (centre) with the delegates from Greece and Belarus. The final photograph shows Dr See with Marianne Sedlmeier, the Director of the UON Global at the University of Regensburg, and prospective exchange students.

October 2012 - JJL Delegation visit

On Thursday 18 October the Faculty received a visit from representatives of Chinese education agent JJL. Faculty staff spoke to the JJL representatives about the Faculty's programs and the use of online teaching and learning as a valuable adjunct to face-to-face delivery of courses.

JLL Representatives

October 2012 - Delegation from Shanghai International Studies University

On 8 October 2012, senior staff members from Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) visited the Faculty and held discussions with Dr Christo Moskovsky (Assistant Dean, International) and Dr Geoff See (International and Community Engagement Co-ordinator). The delegation included Professor Li Yuesong (SISU Vice-President), Professor Mei Deming (Dean, College of International Programmes) and Zhu Huaping (Deputy Dean, College of International Programmes). The group discussed the faculty's programs, the Masters-level articulation agreement signed earlier in the year, and possibilities for future collaboration.

Shanghai International Studies University Delegation

The photograph shows Assistant Dean (International) Dr Christo Moskovsky, with the delegation from Shanghai International Studies University

September 2012 - Visiting delegation from Indonesia

On Wednesday 19 September the Faculty welcomed two visitors from Indonesia - Dr Suharsono, Co-ordinator for International Co-operation, Universitas Negeri Surabaya, and Dr Budi Parmono, Head of Quality Assurance, Universitas Islam Malang. The visitors discussed the Faculty's teaching and learning profile and quality assurance procedures with Dr Christo Moskovsky (Assistant Dean (International)), Dr Geoff See (International and Community Engagement Co-ordinator) and Ms Sally Curzi (Quality Assurance, Teaching and Learning Officer). The group also discussed possible areas for future collaboration, including articulation at Masters level.

Indonesian Delegation

The photograph shows (left to right) Dr Moskovsky, Dr Parmono, Dr Suharsono and Dr See.

August 2012 - Arrival of Visiting Fellow from China

The Faculty of Education and Arts is pleased to be hosting a visit to the University by Ms Zhang Ji-meng (Maggie), a Senior Lecturer in English at the Yunnan University of Finance and Economics in Southern China. Ms Zhang is a Visiting Fellow in the Faculty for Semester 2, 2012.

Yunnan University China

Ms Zhang completed a 4-year undergraduate degree in English Language and Literature at Zhengzhou University in 1999 where she studied a wide range of courses, including British and American Literature, Linguistics, Translation, Intercultural Communication and Second Language Acquisition. Upon graduation she first worked as an English instructor at the Foreign Languages Department of Xinxiang Medical College, and later on was appointed as a linguistics lecturer.

In 2005/06 Ms Zhang completed an MA in English language and literature at Hebe Normal University. Her MA dissertation was on pragmatic failure in intercultural communication. Since September 2006 she has been working as a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Applied Foreign Language Studies of Yunnan University of Finance and Economics. Ms Zhang is a holder of a China Scholarship Council award supporting her six-month visiting fellowship at the University of Newcastle.

Ms Zhang was welcomed to the Faculty by Professor John Germov, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Education and Arts, and Dr Christo Moskovsky (Assistant Dean International) in late August. In welcoming Ms Zhang to the Faculty and wishing her well for her stay in Newcastle, Professor Germov spoke of the importance of overseas partnerships for the Faculty's internationalisation strategy, and expressed the hope that her visit would lead to further opportunities for collaborative engagement between the University of Newcastle and Yunnan University of Finance and Economics.

Dr Moscovsky Ms Zhang and Professor Germov

The photograph shows (from left to right) Dr Moskovsky, Ms Zhang and Professor Germov.

August 2012 - Second Semester Welcome Function for International Students

A second semester welcome function for the Faculty's International students was held on Tuesday 14th August, in the Purdue Room of the Great Hall. The aim of the function was to introduce our International students to domestic students who have an interest in studying overseas on exchange. The interactive activities were designed to allow the International students to meet as many local students as possible in the time available, and for the International students to impart knowledge to the Australian students about their home culture and language. At the end of the activities lunch was provided to reward the participants for their efforts. The function was a great success, and a number of students have asked that the event be held again in the near future.

May 2012 - Faculty of Education and Arts Scholars' Week Function

As part of the University's Scholars Week celebrations, staff and students of the Faculty and Schools enjoyed Scholars' Week functions on Wednesday 23rd May. As part of the celebrations, certificates were awarded to recipients of Kelver Hartley Awards and Scholarships, for excellence in French Studies.

Hartley Award Recipients

The photograph shows the Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor, Professor John Germov, with some of the delighted recipients of Hartley Awards. Many of the winners of these awards will spend time at the University of La Rochelle in France as part of their degree studies.

April 2012 - Visit from Hong Kong Baptist University

On 4th April 2012 the Faculty received a visitor from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University. Dr Patricia Flanagan met with Dr Geoff See, Faculty International and Community Engagement Co-ordinator, Dr Miranda Lawry (School of Drama, Fine Art and Music) and Ms Erin Hilaire (Inbound Exchange Co-ordinator, UON Global) to discuss possible academic and student exchange and collaboration, particularly in the fields of visual arts and music. As a result of the visit the UON Global is to draft a suitable agreement to facilitate collaboration between the two institutions.

Hong Kong Baptist University

The photograph shows Dr Geoffrey See (FEDUA), Dr Tricia Flanagan (Hong Kong Baptist University) and Ms Erin Hilaire (UON Global) during discussions on future collaboration between the University of Newcastle and Hong Kong Baptist University.

March 2012 - Memorandum of Understanding with Pham Ngoc Thach
University of Medicine

A Memorandum of Understanding between the University of Newcastle and Pham Ngoc
Thach University of Medicine, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, was signed and executed on
Monday 26th March. Dr Sally Hewat from the Discipline of Speech Pathology was present for the signing. The signing coincided with another MOU between PNTU, Trinh Foundation Australia and ENT Hospital Ho Chi Minh City, which, along with the University of Newcastle are the key parties involved in the development of the speech therapy program at PNTU.
Dr Hewat Speech Therapy Class

Dr Hewat is at PNTU for academic and research collaboration, and is helping to
establish the speech therapy profession and raise awareness about communication difficulties in Vietnam. Among other achievements, Dr Hewat has delivered the first-ever treatment program for stuttering in adults at the ENT Hospital.

Dr Hewat signing MOU

The photographs show Dr Hewat at the signing ceremony and Dr Hewat with her speech therapy class.

March 2012 - Signing of Agreement with Shanghai International Studies University

On 26 March 2012 Professor Kevin McConkey, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Global Relations) attended a signing ceremony at Shanghai International Studies University (SISU), to sign an MOU and articulation agreement on behalf of the University of Newcastle. The agreement relates to articulation by SISU students into the Master of Applied Linguistics program at the University of Newcastle.

The first photograph below shows Professor McConkey signing the MOU and agreement.

Professor McConkey signing MOU

The second photograph below shows Professor McConkey with senior representatives of Shanghai International Studies University.

Professor McConkey with Shanghai International Senior Representatives